Southern Coin Investments Atlanta, GA

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Southern Coin Investments

Southern Coin Investments address, phone, website, and more. Southern Coin Investments, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia is a large, international mail-order company. We have more than 40 years of numismatic experience and have satisfied tens of thousands of customers. We sold our last retail walk-in location in 1987 to concentrate strictly upon direct mail-order. Today our competitive prices and outstanding service record stand as a testimonial of our success in the mail-order field.

Southern Coin Investments has at its disposal both of the large, national dealer teletype systems that enable us to keep a steady pulse on the ever-changing coin market. These same systems, in addition to our buying trips to various national hobby conventions, allow us to quickly service customers want lists.


Address: PO Box 720714, Atlanta, GA 30358

Phone: (770) 393-8000

Fax: (770) 396-1734