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Browns Coins & Stamps Oklahoma City, OK

Browns Coins StampsBrowns Coins & Stamps address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. At Browns Coins & Stamps, we have a wide variety of coins that you can purchase at reasonable prices. If you need any help, we can provide you with the assistance you need on the spot!

Address: 537 Southwest 29th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Phone: (405) 632-6093

Website: https://www.brownscoinandstamps.com/

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday   10:00am – 3:00pm
Friday – Sunday   Closed

Cash N Gold Oklahoma City, OK

Cash N Gold

Cash N Gold address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more.

We accept items in any condition, broken, twisted or missing stones. We work on large volumes and small profit margins, therefore, we are able to pay you more money for your Gold, Silver, and Platinum.


Address: 501 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Phone: (405) 751-4653

Website: http://www.cashngold.com

Email: Info@extracashngold.com


Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sun 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Oklahoma Coin, Gold & Silver Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Coin, Gold & Silver

Oklahoma Coin, Gold & Silver address, phone, website, and more.

The reason we started Oklahoma Coin, Gold & Silver is to pass on years of study and experience.  As a child, I built a penny collection, a dime collection, and a quarter collection.  After many years of experience and costs, I have been given enough insight to be valuable on a world-wide basis.  I feel the money or profits will come to us as we continue to share the knowledge learned through purchases and experiences with reputable dealers and many agents of reputable dealers.  The experiences of a 40 table show to the 400 table shows such as Long Beach or the Florida Fun Show over the last 10 years have given us the experience to give you the help you need to buy right.  If you are not careful, you can lose many dollars to the “sharks” or someone who is not armed with knowledge or experience.

Whether we purchase a $15,000 coin or a $500 coin, we try to buy PCGS quality.  The dealers who deal in raw coins or “flips” can easily take advantage of you.  If you buy a slab coin, you are buying a professionally graded coin that has been graded by a group of professionals that cannot deal or sell coins.  They must grade coins only.  The most traded slabs are PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service).


Address: 11201 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Phone: (405) 755-0505

Fax: (405) 755-8668

Website: http://www.oklahomasilverdollars.com

Email: info@rodpowers.com

Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers Oklahoma City, OK

Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers

Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. Whether you have old, used, or broken jewelry we are the gold buyer for you ready to pay you top dollar.  Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers is up for the challenge with a professional and friendly staff that will evaluate your items while you wait and pay you cash on the spot!Have diamonds that you no longer need?  We are a reputable diamond buyer and we pay top dollar for your diamonds no matter the size.

Did you know that the 1964 and older U.S. dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars are 90% silver?  As a reputable coin dealer we pride ourselves on paying a fair price for coins focusing on key dates and rare coins.


Address: 3718 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Phone: (405) 606-8888

Website: http://www.oklahomacitydiamondandgoldbuyers.com


Mon – Fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sat 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sun Closed


Big K Pawnshop Oklahoma City, OK

Big K Pawnshop

Big K Pawnshop address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. Big K Pawnshop is your fast friendly neighborhood location for quick cash and great deals! Serving the Oklahoma City Metro since 1987 Big K Pawnshop, Inc. is a Oklahoma owned and operated company run by lifetime Oklahomans. Unlike your large corporate chains you don’t have to deal with a new person on a weekly basis. We provide competitive cash loans on almost anything.


Address: 1216 N Council Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Phone: (405) 789-3558

Website: http://www.bigkpawn.com

Hours: Mon – Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Michael Bay Estate Buyer Oklahoma City, OK

Michael Bay Estate Buyer

Michael Bay Estate Buyer address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. Michael Bay Estate Buyers has been working with buyers and sellers for over 30 years.  We have relationships with collectors worldwide, have partnered with the world’s most prominent auction houses, and have established strong relationships with other dealers who can provide market access and expertise in areas that complement our own capabilities.


Address: 6805 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Phone: (405) 848-5550

Website: http://cash4goldokc.com

Email: tbone-is-back@yahoo.com

Hours: By Appointment

Flying Eagle Coin Oklahoma City, OK

Flying Eagle Coin

Flying Eagle Coin address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. Flying Eagle Coin opened its doors in May 2006, but was not the first foray into the coin world for owner James Hill. His affinity for numismatics started over 40 years ago and drove him to study coins, currency, tokens, gold, and silver. Utilizing the wisdom he has amassed, James has been successful in the last 16 years as a businessman in the rare coin industry. His reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy dealer has encouraged his customers repeated visits.


Address: 9118 S Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139

Phone: (405) 600-3200

Website: http://www.flyingeaglecoin.com


Mon – Fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sat 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Gold Buyer OK Oklahoma City, OK

Gold Buyer OK

Gold Buyer OK address, phone, website, and more. We can pay top dollar because we buy gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in Oklahoma City in VOLUME. We have always had a reputation of offering the best gold prices in Oklahoma and that continues to be the practice of Gold Buyer OK.

Most gold appraisals only take about 10 minutes at Gold Buyer OK. If you wish to sell silver, platinum or gold jewelry, antiques or other items in a large quantity we welcome appointments at our OKC location.

We will evaluate and appraise your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and jewelry right in front of you. You are never obligated to accept our cash offer. You have nothing to lose and only CASH to gain! We buy gold in Oklahoma City. We buy silver in Oklahoma City. We buy platinum in Oklahoma City, and we buy diamonds and jewelry in Oklahoma City. Don’t delay — sell your precious metals for cash at Gold Buyer OK today!


Address: 3001 W I 44 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 943-2800

Website: http://goldbuyerok.com


Coin & Gold Exchange Oklahoma City, OK

Coin & Gold Exchange

Coin & Gold Exchange address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. Coin & Gold Exchange is your trusted gold and coin dealer. View our selection of prized and rare coins, graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Our services are quick and convenient and we pay the best prices for your coins and precious metals.


Address: 7714 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Phone: (405) 265-6846

Website: http://www.coinandgoldexchangeokc.com

Email: purcellcoinshop@windstream.net

Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 am – 5:00 pm