Gold Refinery of Riverside, CA

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Gold Refinery of Riverside

Gold Refinery of Riverside address, phone, website, and more. Welcome to the Cash for Gold Refinery of Riverside, CA. We pride ourselves in consistently exceeding excellence in every aspect of business. We have been in the gold melting, gold assaying, gold trading, gold buying and gold appraising business for over 30 years and live up to our impeccable reputation day in and day out. Each and every client and transaction is of great importance to our company. It helps us maintain our superb business model by making sure that every customer that leaves our cash for gold store is beyond satisfied with their experience. Call us today!

We have a very close knit group of businesses that we have built very strong relationships over the years that helps us to ensure you that we can pay the absolute highest prices around for your gold jewelry. Some jewelry is worth more as a piece than as just the melt value for the gold and we make it our goal to ensure you the highest cash offer for your items.


Address: 3590 Central Ave # 212, Riverside, CA 92506

Phone: (951) 686-2961