Southern Bullion Dallas, TX

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Southern Bullion

Southern Bullion address, phone, website, and more.

You can tell a lot about a company by their name. At Southern Bullion Coin & Jewelry, our name tells you:

Southern: It’s not just where we are, it’s who we are. That means a courteous, hospitable and patient staff here to help you.

Bullion: We’re so serious about Bullion, we mint our own! From American Eagles to Krugerrands and everything in between, Southern Bullion has the expertise and ability to answer any bullion need.

Coin: Rare coins are a passion of ours and our customers. Both serious investors and casual collectors turn to Southern Bullion for their rare coin needs.

Jewelry: We don’t buy from or sell to a refinery – WE ARE THE REFINERY! That’s a big difference, because it means we can pay you more for your jewelry. Plus, we carry one of the South’s largest collections of pre-owned Rolexes, fine jewelry, diamonds and more.


Address: 15850 Dallas Pkwy # 140, Dallas, TX 75248

Phone: (972) 739-9792