Royal Hawaiian Mint Honolulu, HI

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Royal Hawaiian Mint

Royal Hawaiian Mint address, phone, website, and more. The Royal Hawaiian Mint has remained true to its original dedication, “Preserving Hawaiiana in precious metals” for over 36 years. The Mint is known for its strong, compelling designs that depict important Hawaiian events and themes. From the simple hand engraved Original Designs, to the Contemporary Editions, to the legendary Historic Collection of Royal Hawaiian Gold & Silver in seven sizes, to the dynamic Pearl Harbor design, to the massive eight ounce Unification of Hawaii issue, to the Overthrow of Hawaii and Statehood with the United States, corporate commemoratives, impressive medals and stunning coin jewelry.


Address: 2255 Kuhio Ave # 711, Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: (808) 922-6468