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Ancient Resource Glendale, CA

ancientresourceAncient Resource address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. My name is Gabriel Vandervort, and I began buying and selling ancient artifacts in the late 1990’s, born from a lifelong passion for ancient history. What began as a small local business now is worldwide… I work with museums, universities, institutions, auction houses, galleries and collectors in 40 different countries across the globe. I specialize in genuine ancient artifacts for sale at very reasonable prices, with a primary specialty in ancient Roman coins, Greek coins, and Roman and Egyptian artifacts.
My artifacts are all authenticated and legally acquired, and come from old collections, museum deaccessions, auction houses and institutions throughout North America, Europe and Australia, and I stand by my coins and artifacts with a 100% guarantee of authenticity. With an over 95% return customer rate, I pride myself in honesty, quality, and great customer relations!

Address: 3715 Market Street, Suite 205, Glendale, CA 91208

Phone: (818) 425-9633

Website: http://www.ancientresource.com/

Email: gabriel@ancientresource.com

Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only

Big Blue Wreck Salvage Denver, CO

Big Blue Wreck Salvage

Big Blue Wreck Salvage address, phone, website, and more. Artifact Exchange International is sponsored by Big Blue Wreck Salvage, Inc. (BBWS) and dedicated to providing you with a great resource center to share information and purchase historical coins and artifacts. Our vault is full of one-of-a-kind items such as shipwreck recovered Spanish “pieces of eight”, gold doubloons, historical coins,and nautical antiques. There is also an extensive line of reference books and materials related to shipwrecks and sea salvage. Newly released Pirate Treasure Coins – Your Guide to Pieces of 8 and Gold Doubloons is available exclusively on our site. We bring the Olde World to you. We are dedicated to posting items that appeal to”first time” buyers as well as serious collectors searching for rare pieces of history. The more unique the better! If you want to wear your piece of history as a pendant, ring, bracelet, etc. simply e-mail us and we will scan what we have in inventory or create a custom design suited especially for you in 18K, 14K or sterling silver.

For over 20 years, BBWS, Inc. has specialized in authentic Spanish Colonial coins and shipwreck recovered artifacts. In June, 2010, Mel King, president of Big Blue Wreck Salvage, Inc. was featured on History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” sharing his knowledge of a shipwreck recovered 2 pound gold bar.


Address: 700 Colorado Blvd # 230, Denver, CO 80206

Phone: (303) 333-7759

Website: http://www.artifactexchange.com