Global Gold and Silver New York, NY

Global Gold and Silver New York
Global Gold and Silver New York

Global Gold & Silver New York was created in 2008 and is focused on making customers not transactions. with that in mind we have helped thousands sell gold jewelry and other valuables for cash in NYC. we also have extensive experience in the custom designing of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.
7 W 45th St Suite 1200, New York, NY 10036

(888) 982-1420


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Independence Coin Charlotte NC

Independence Coin
Independence Coin

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Founder of Independence Coin, Jerry Austin, has been in the business of buying and selling coins since 1975. His interest began decades ago when his work in the Peace Corps and independent world travels accumulated a pocket full of exotic currency. Decades later, he is still intrigued by the history and geography of coins, and enjoys learning the story behind each one.

Jerry and staff have been a staple in Charlotte since their coin shop opened in December of 1978. Collectors themselves, his knowledgeable employees are people-oriented and passionate about sharing their expertise with beginner and intermediate coin collectors.

Phone: (704) 542-7554


8700 Pineville-Matthews Rd.
Highway 51
Suite 580
Charlotte, NC 28226

Hyatt Coin Shop Charlotte NC

Hyatt Coin Shop
Hyatt Coin Shop

Don’t sell your coins to a jewelry store! Hyatt’s specializes in rare coins and precious metals, and we will pay you the MOST for your coin collection!
Hyatt Coin Shop specializes in evaluating and purchasing your precious metals and collectible coins & currency.

Jewelry stores will not pay you fair value for your coins. Bring your coins to the experts at Hyatt’s and get the most for your rare and collectable coins!

The collector coin market is hotter than ever! If you have a collection, now is the time to liquidate it to maximize your profits! Bring your coins to Hyatt’s today for a free appraisal…no appointment needed.

Phone: 704-394-0387

3332 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte, NC

Midlands Coin Club of South Carolina

Midlands Coin Club SC
Midlands Coin Club SC

Visit Midlands Coin Club of South Carolina and enjoy the fellowship and education opportunities you get with club membership. We meet once a month and have a speaker or video presentation, show and tell, multiple door prize drawings, auction and a little club business. We also sponsor two coin shows right in the heart of Columbia.

Address: Midlands Coin Club, PO Box 8212, Columbia, SC 29202