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Hyatt Coin Shop Charlotte NC

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Hyatt Coin Shop
Hyatt Coin Shop

Don’t sell your coins to a jewelry store! Hyatt’s specializes in rare coins and precious metals, and we will pay you the MOST for your coin collection!
Hyatt Coin Shop specializes in evaluating and purchasing your precious metals and collectible coins & currency.

Jewelry stores will not pay you fair value for your coins. Bring your coins to the experts at Hyatt’s and get the most for your rare and collectable coins!

The collector coin market is hotter than ever! If you have a collection, now is the time to liquidate it to maximize your profits! Bring your coins to Hyatt’s today for a free appraisal…no appointment needed.

Phone: 704-394-0387

3332 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte, NC