AM Jewelry Detroit, MI

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AM Jewelry

AM Jewelry address, phone, website, and more. Annika Marks is a jewelry designer and actress.  She started making jewelry with rubber bands and paper clips when she was a kid and eventually taught herself how to make jewelry that people actually want to wear.  She apprenticed for jewelry designers in NYC and California before branching out on her own with AM Jewelry in 2006.  Annika’s designs have been seen on red carpets, movie screens, television sets and print ads, but she is happiest selling to the clients face to face at home shows and art fairs around the country.  To this day her pieces are primarily one-of-a-kinds and Annika thoroughly enjoys watching people try on all of her designs until they land on their favorite piece.


Address: 8014 Greenfield Rd, Detroit, MI 48228

Phone: (313) 582-4653