Indy Estate Buyer Indianapolis, IN

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Indy Estate Buyer

Indy Estate Buyer address, phone, website, and more. Indy Estate Buyer  specializes in purchasing items from those who have recently or in the past inherited an estate from a loved one. We also work with Estate Attorneys & Executors of Estates. While on occasion we do view items from individuals looking to sell their personal belongings, our main focus is the acquisition of estate items which have been inherited. We consider gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, coins, paper currency, wrist watches, pocket watches, art, Crystal and other estate items. We certainly are not the only buyers out there, but we believe that we will offer you the best overall experience, from customer service and great communication to the final price that you will realize for your items.


Address: 4205 W 86th St # G, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone: (317) 496-5581