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Minnesota Gold Buyer Osseo, MN

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mngoldbuyerMinnesota Gold Buyer address, phone, website, and more. Backed by years of genuinely satisfied customers, Minnesota Gold Buyer will make you feel comfortable, respected, and satisfied that you have made the right choice. We offer more than just cash for your old, unused, or damaged jewelry and coins. Some jewelry has more value than just gold melt value. We will be honest about the value of your jewelry. If you are patient, we offer consignment services at our Aitkin location. Our goal is to find the best way for you to get the most for your jewelry first, while making a profit comes second.

Address: 533 Central Avenue, Osseo, MN 55369

Phone: (763) 657-7843

Website: http://mngoldbuyer.com/

Email: mike@mwprotection.net