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Gold Silver Coins & Stamps Richardson, TX

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goldsilcoGold Silver Coins & Stamps address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more.

We are a family business based in Richardson since 1948. We were originally part of Richardson Building Materials & Sales Company that sold lumber and building supplies located at 315 N. Greenville Avenue in Richardson, just north of Main Street (Beltline). You may remember us as the collectibles store in the old lumber yard with the cat!

In 2003 we sold the property and the lumber business was shut down. Now we work with clients and the general public buying and selling gold, silver, coins, stamps and collectibles.

We meet by appointment at our bank or a location convenient for both of us.

We are members in most major numismatic organizations. (see Credentials)

We have relationships with the major auction companies and will broker your items when they warrant being sold at auction.

We have more than 30 years experience buying and selling collectible items.

Contact us and we will determine over the phone if we will be able to help you with your holdings. We will then set up a meeting at a convenient location.

Address: 908 Audelia Rd #200-330, Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: (972) 644-4880

Website: http://goldsilco.com/www.goldsilco.com/Home_Page.html

Hours of Operation   By appointment only