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Covina Coin Covina, CA

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covinacoinCovina Coin address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. Covina Coin & Jewelry is a full service coin business specialising in rare coins from the U.S. and around the world we also deal in all aspects of the numismatic industry including appraising rare coins. We provide committed service to the young collector, serious investor and major coin wholesalers. As we said we specialize in United States coinage of all denominations, especially rare coins and hard to find currency notes as well as gold and silver bullion, currency, stamps, and coin jewelry. If you are searching for an elusive rare date to complete your collection, or handle bulk/bullion purchasing for your own company, please give us an opportunity to meet your needs. Our inventory is vast, and continually changing. Please check back often, as new items will be added frequently. Coins Bought and Sold Did you know Covina Coin & Jewelry buys from private collectors as well as other dealers. If you are looking to sell an item or collection, please let us know what you have to offer.

Address: 204 S, Citrus Avenue, Covina, CA 91723

Phone: (626) 915-0033

Website: https://www.covinacoin.com/

Email: info@covinacoin.com

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday By Appointment Only
Sunday Closed