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DC Numismatics Torrance, CA

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D C Numismatics

DC Numismatics

DC Numismatics address, phone, website, hours of operation, and more. DC Numismatics is a firm specializing in the buying and selling of United States rare gold coins, California Fractional gold, First Mint issues and other important U.S. rarities. DC Numismatics is expert at filling want list orders and has helped place millions of dollars worth of rare coins in the hands of collectors. Whether it is a complete collection, high-grade type set, accumulation of undervalued dates or any other rare coin goal, DC Numismatics is dedicated to serving its customers through knowledge, quality and personalized service.

The future of numismatics (rare coins) will be a two-tiered industry composed of large wholesale and retail companies and smaller firms such as DC Numismatics that specialize in specific areas of numismatics. As the buying public becomes more sophisticated and desires higher quality material, many collectors and investors will need one-on-one professional attention and direction in building their collections or meeting their rare coin goals. This is the niche that DC Numismatics will occupy.

David Cloyed, owner and founder of DC Numismatics, lives and breathes rare coins. A native of Northern Virginia, David’s interest in coins stems from childhood. His father, a knowledgeable civil war buff, introduced David to coins he would find through weekend metal detecting trips. Upon graduating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech) with a Bachelor of Science degree, David began working for a well-known auction firm in Beverly Hills, CA. After many hours of research and experience with tens of millions of dollars worth of premier numismatic material, David chose U.S. gold as his specialty. He also occasionally deals in world coins, including Russian, European, South American and those from Central America.

David left the auction firm to spend several years working for one of the most successful and well established wholesale U.S. rare gold companies in the world. Here, he gained exposure to every area of U.S. gold. David has experience dealing with large groups of circulated eagles and double eagles, rare date coinage of all denominations and extremely rare six figure coins.

DC Numismatics is a small, cutting edge firm that understands and operates within the inner workings of the wholesale coin market while delivering quality coins, knowledge and advice to a diverse clientele. DC Numismatics looks forward to dealing with people who love rare coins as much as we do.


Address: P.O. Box #179, Torrance, CA 90507

Phone: (310) 792-5400

Fax: (310) 792-5450

Website: http://www.usgoldcollector.com

Email: davidcloyed@usgoldcollector.com

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm